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Insync Medical wants to celebrate heterosexuals, homosexual, bisexual, intersex, transgenders, whatever your choices might be. At the same time, we need to be realistic about some basic hygiene and safety issues. I cannot emphasise more about the importance of safe sex. As such and before we can talk about higher ideals and sexual wellness; we need to address some basic stuff like a test for sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Moreover, cost should never be an excuse for avoiding this test so till 31st August 2019, Insync Medical will be bringing to you full STI screening in a private clinic setting, with a focus on meeting your psychological and physiological needs in a safe and private environment. It’s not just screen and go, if you want to share with me your concerns regarding your sexual wellness, I would strongly encourage you to talk to me as well.


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Affectionately known to her patients as Dr. Jess, Dr. Jessherin Sidhu has always been a strong advocate of patient education. She believes empowering patients with knowledge of their disease condition and treatment is key to allowing people to look after themselves better and to stay one step ahead of a medical problem. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Jess began her career in Australia, where she worked for 4 years in rural and urban hospitals. She then returned to Singapore to continue her work as well as start a family. She is now a mother of two.

Dr. Jess has a keen interest in both women’s health as well as sexual health for both men and women. As a general practitioner, she is able to offer quality medical services in this area in addition to treating regular ailments.

Dr. Jess is certified to practice Aesthetic Gynaecology having received certification by reputable medical associations the IMA (Institute of Medical Aesthetics) & the AMA (American Aesthetic Association). Aesthetic Gynaecology involves the use of vaginal lasers, fillers and Botox to a women’s vaginal area to improve her sexual wellness and genital health.