6 Must-Know Facts About Mirena IUD

1.You can get an IUD even if you have never given birth before.

Get a women’s health doctor who has experience in inserting the IUD in women who have never given birth. Women who have never been pregnant or never had a vaginal delivery have a tighter cervix canal. In the right experienced hands, your doctor will know how to manipulate the cervix to skillfully insert the Mirena IUD for you.

2.It is not painful. There is some discomfort though almost like a cramping sensation only.

Your Mirena IUD insertion should not be excruciatingly painful. You do feel cramps at certain points of the procedure and these cramping sensations are often brief. I’ve never had anyone cry and complain that it was terribly painful. You don’t need general anaesthetic. It’s performed right at the bedside in your doctor’s clinic.

3.After about 6 months expect no more periods. No more periods from having the Mirena IUD is a good thing for your health.

In the first 6 months, allow your body to adjust to the hormone gradually released by the Mirena IUD. You can get nuisance bleeding during this time. Sometime there can be prolonged spotting and at other times some heavy bleeding. This should all stop latest by 6 months after insertion of the Mirena IUD. 70% of women, 6 months after the Mirena IUD insertion, experience no more periods. The remaining 30% have extremely light periods. No more inconveniences. Less blood loss. You preserve more Iron in your body and feel more energized. You are healthier that way.


4.No more PMS (premenstrual syndrome). No more menstrual cramps.

Every woman would love living without those moody, irritability, highly emotional days, curling up in bed with a hot pack over her tummy just before her periods kick in and during her menstrual cycle. Mirena IUD has the ability to stop and significantly lighten periods and at the same time stop the fluxes of hormones in the body hence reducing or completely abolishing PMS symptoms.

5.Your fertility will return very soon after Mirena IUD is removed. No long-lasting damage to your fertility.

Once the Mirena IUD is removed the presence of the hormones is also then completely removed from your body. This is unlike contraception injection like the Depo shots that get injected into your muscles. There is obviously no way of removing an injection once it’s been delivered into your muscles. Expect your fertility to return once your natural menstrual cycle kicks in again.

6.Mirena IUDs can be inserted at any time of the menstrual cycle but the best time for insertion is in the first 7 days of your menstrual cycle.

At the time we know for certain that you are not pregnant and your cervix is a little more open making it slightly easier for the insertion of the Mirena IUD

Mirena IUDs are used as one of the most effective long acting forms of contraception, lasting 5 years from the time of insertion into the uterus. Mirena IUD is also used to control bleeding in women with heavy menstrual bleeding.

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