A G-Shot For Your G-Spot

Orgasms can help reduce stress, improve your skin, and make you feel well & great. However, for many women, vaginal orgasms can be just as elusive as the mysterious G-spot.

Why Is It Called A G-Spot?

The G-Spot is known as the Grafenberg Spot. The G-spot got its name in the 1980s when the concept — an erogenous zone that, when stimulated, can lead to powerful orgasm, gained in popularity. It was initially named after Ernst Gräfenberg, a German physician, who wrote about its existence in the 1950s.

Some experts, say stimulating this area can lead to female arousal, orgasm, and even ejaculation.

Despite widespread popular belief in its existence, no one has ever decisively identified a particular body part corresponding to the G-spot right up until now..

Dr Ostrzenski believed he found a structure in the front vaginal wall that corresponds with what he thinks is the elusive G-Spot. He dissected the cadaver of an 83-year-old woman and discovered a blue, grape-like structure buried deep in the front wall of the vagina.

According to him, this structure resembled erectile tissue, similar to what can be found in the male penis. This is the structure in the lower portion of the front wall of the vagina that has been noticed to engorge and swell during sexual stimulation.



How Do I Locate My G-Spot?

Finding the G-spot can be difficult, especially since it’s not actually on any map of the human body. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s always easier to locate your G-spot in your own privacy without first getting your partner involved. So start your self-exploration.

Begin by massaging the opening to your vagina before inserting your fingers or a sex toy.

Then, using your index fingers, lift upward toward your belly button in a “come here” motion. Remember, it not like finding a fixed placed button but rather its about identifying the rough region from which stimulation gives you the most pleasure or a sensation of wanting to pee.


How Will A G-Spot Augmentation Help Me?

The idea, it seems, is that a larger, more pronounced G-spot would amount to heightened sexual arousal and an increase in vaginal orgasms.

It can make orgasms more intense and potentially allow a woman multiple orgasms.

How Is The G-Spot Augmentation Done?

The Grafenberg Spot is injected with a an injection of hyaluronic acid (a collagen-based filler commonly found in skincare products).

A G-Shot® produces a G-Spot about the size of a Singapore 20 cent coin, in diameter.

The injection is delivered under local anaesthetic. The needle is inserted only 3-5mm deep into the front wall of the vagina directly into the G-spot region.

The G-Shot® is an office-based procedure that takes fifteen to twenty minutes from start to finish (the actual injection is about 5 seconds).

The G-Shot® lasts about 4-6 months and requires repeat injection to maintain the effect.

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Will The G-Spot Augmentation Work For Everyone?

An enlarged G-spot may not actually have much of an effect on some women.

For women who don’t normally get pleasure from that area, they won’t feel much of an effect. Women who derive pleasure from vaginal stimulation are likely to feel more intense arousal with a G-spot augmentation.

Baseline is, every woman is different and some women orgasm predominantly from the clitoris and others more so from the Vagina and the G-spot stimulation.

Some women will feel delicious feelings in one area, and others will experience it in other areas.

Bear in mind this procedure doesn’t magically create orgasms but it can surely enhance your sexual experience.

Orgasms are not one-size-fits-all, so there’s no right or wrong way to orgasm. Not all women will find satisfaction through G-spot stimulation, and that’s fine too.


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