Chemical Peels; the treatment to lighten your inner thighs

Our inner thighs are generally a couple of tones darker and more pigmented than the rest of our skin. Often the distinct demarcation or patch of darkening in these areas leaves many of us frustrated and disappointed with how it looks.

In some of us, these undesired patches of darkening of the inner thigh spread to include areas down to the middle of the thigh and we catch ourselves being very conscious of wearing shorts let alone swimwear. As a solution, we resort to hiding these areas underclothing that keeps them covered and away from the judging eyes of the public.

This, however, doesn’t stop us from feeling consciously aware and unhappy in the bedroom, where we feel our nakedness leaves us vulnerable to judgement by our sex partners. For some of us, it takes away our liberties, sense of freedom and presence when intimately engaging with our partners. The focus in the bedroom then shifts to “would he think I’m ugly, unclean if he sees those dark patches” or “I just don’t feel sexy or womanly”

It doesn’t help that we compare ourselves to the imagery seen in mainstream media that portray women with flawless, homogenous pigmentation of their inner thighs- not a hint a darkening. How is that possible?

At Insync Medical, we understand your needs. We understand the desire to at the very least reduce the prominence of these darkened areas. We understand that women are generally not seeking perfectly flawless, baby skin with pinkish hued inner thighs, we’re not unreal. We simply want the appearance of the inner thighs to have a more gradual softer change in colour as it approaches the genital area as opposed to the sharp distinct bordered darkened patches that some of us have on our inner thighs. We accept that this frictional area of our inner thighs will be a shade or 2 darker than say the colour of skin that is less exposed to sunlight or friction.

Now if you’re looking to lighten your inner thighs and you have your expectations set right then we have a solution for you.

Chemical peels work beautifully for lightening frictional areas like the inner thighs.

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