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Curved Penis

Straighten out your pain.

Men with Peyronie’s have an abnormal curve in their penis caused by areas of hardened scar tissue that form under the surface of the skin. The scarring also makes the penis less flexible and may also cause pain and problems with erections and sexual intercourse.

Experts believe that this scarring develops as a result of abnormal wound healing, when an erect penis is injured through rough sex, or a hard impact in the groin during sports or a nasty prank. Often, you may not be aware of the injury. Sometimes, the curvature is severe enough to make any form of penetration difficult.

Cogenital Penile Curvature is another condition is another cause of a curved penis. In this instance, the curvature is not caused by any scar tissue.

There are two phases to Peyronie’s — Active (the painful phase) where there can be penile pain, and chronic, when the condition stabilises, and the penis take a permanent bend.

Treatment Options

Men who are in the active phase of Peyronie’s disease may opt for nonsurgical treatments


The low intensity extracorporeal shockwave treatment works on the basis of powerful acoustic waves. When these waves are directed at the hardened scar tissue, they can exert a mechanical effect that breaks the scar down. ESWT also helps blood flow to the area where the scar is which support the growth of special cells in the blood called macrophages that lyse or “eat” through the scar and minimise pain during the acute or even in the stable phase of the disease.

A vacuum erection device is a cylinder that is attached to a pump. When activated, the device creates a vacuum that forces blood into the penis. With traction applied to the penis, the scar tissues are stretched out and allowed to slowly disintegrate. Stretching of the penis through the use of vacuum pumps is a useful method of penile rehab maintaining blood flow, girth and length of the penis. 

Platelet Rich Plasma is the special golden extract rich in growth factors that is obtained when a sample of your blood is spun down in specialised tubes in a centrifuge. This extract is then injected into the scar or painful area. The injections help to reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing.

This new and novel strategy has promising data from studies that PRP can reduce the plaque size by 50%, improve the curve of the penis by 50% and reduce pain from Peyronie’s disease by 80%.

We’re here to answer even the most sensitive and intimate questions. Take the first step, and we’ll take care of the rest.


How does Peyronie’s disease affect sexual relationships?

In some cases, patients with Peyronie’s disease find that erections and sexual intercourse are difficult or even impossible. There is also an emotional impact as patients may feel anxious or depressed about satisfying their partner.

We encourage couples to come for consultations together to facilitate an open communication where they can express their concerns and needs to help us provide better recommendations and adjustments for maintaining intimacy in their sexual relationship.

Can Peyronie’s disease cause erectile dysfunction?

It is possible that some men with Peyronie’s disease may also develop erectile dysfunction, as the plaques may make it difficult for an erection to occur, or for a strong erection to be sustained.

 As men who are dealing with Peyronie’s disease are often in distress about their condition, this may lead to psychological issues and ‘performance anxiety’ that may affect their erections as well.

Fortunately, both conditions can be managed. Speak to a doctor to determine the appropriate treatment options for your situation.


Is surgery required to treat Peyronie’s disease?

Most men do not require surgery, as the abnormal penile curvature is often not severe. For severe cases, surgery is required. Tunica Albuginea Plication involves stitching tissue on the opposite side of the affected area to even out the curvature. More severe cases are treated with a plaque incision and grafting procedure, which involves cutting out the plaques and filling it with tissue from another part of your body.

Surgery can only be done once the Peyronie’s disease has stabilised and the abnormal curvature is at its peak and not worsening further – meaning the disease is in its chronic phase.


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Lucas Rose
Lucas Rose
They were really good. I felt comfortable talking to them and I'm sure they can fix my issues.
Naomi Lim
Naomi Lim
Going to consult Dr Jess has gotta be one of the best decisions I've made in 2018. I'm always a little nervous when I visit a doctor or dentist but she puts me completely at ease. Like another reviewer put it, she truly engages with you and never makes you feel like your question is stupid (you know that feeling). I especially like how she's very upfront with the costs before prescribing or proceeding with anything. I've recommended her to my family and all my friends! Edit: Just wanted to add a shoutout to Dr Jess's team. Each of the ladies I've met in the last couple of years have been so welcoming and warm which calms my nerves while waiting to see Dr Jess or waiting for medication to be dispensed. I don't know why but appointment making can be quite an intimidating process for me but they've always been so kind and are always responsive.
Margoob Chowdhury
Margoob Chowdhury
Great place! I went there for some tests and one of the tests was taking it's sweet time at the lab. The clinic staffs opened a whatsapp conversation with me and started providing daily updates. I really appreciate their diligence, professionalism and proactive support. Highly recommend if need a GP in this neighborhood.
Nessa Swinn
Nessa Swinn
Dr Jess is great. Really helpful, patient and accommodating. Thank you also to Hani for the friendly service rendered.
Loh Wanping
Loh Wanping
No regrets calling up for a consultation to get our concerns sorted out! Lovely responsive team to work with and Dr Jess was professional, warm & friendly and answered all of our questions. Really appreciate the extra time she put in to talk to us. :) Thanks so much! Will highly recommend!
Malanai -
Malanai -
Dr Jess is an amazing doctor with a beautiful heart. What I really love about her is that is super realistic. She does not promise rapid/fake results. She is very humble and I really like it that spent her time to talk and explain to me about my condition in detail. I have been to so many other doctors for the same. They will just talk briefly and try to push me to start the treament on the spot / nurses will start discussing on pricing.Wasted my time and money in the wrong clinic before. However, Dr Jess is just different.She is not greedy. Very helpful and high level of professionlism and empathy.And her staff Hani is super sweet too. Customer service top notch. Sometime I send message so late when i need something urgently. Hani will still reply to me patiently. I am so lucky I finally found the best doctor and her assitant for my lady needs :) . I only have one regret-I didnt find them earlier.
Maria Lara
Maria Lara
I am soooooo glad I went here to have my concernssorted. I have no words how comfortable I am after she had me checked up. Her hands are very light aswell. It's like having a class about our body parts. She explained my result that I had back in Bangkok than the doctor I had there. How I wish there is someone like her that will make sure all our questions and concerns are answered. She's the best of best. Highly recommend her. Price is reasonable too. Just thank you Dr.Jess and her assistant Aisyah. Have a wonderful day always.
Lynn Tang
Lynn Tang
Dr Jess is great - she explains things well and is very patient and helpful.

We’re here to answer even the most sensitive and intimate questions. Take the first step, and we’ll take care of the rest.