Genital warts appear raised, cauliflower like, spongy, flesh coloured and spreads out almost like a fungus.

To the medical folks they are known as condylomata acuminata. These warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Do not get these confused with the HPV that causes cancer.. HPV is a big family of viruses, some of which cause cancers like cervical cancers, penile cancers and mouth cancers and others causes warts like genital warts.

The HPV virus spreads from skin to skin during significant rubbing of 2 skin surfaces. Hence this transmission of the genital wart virus most frequently happens during sexual intercourse where there is ample skin to skin contact.

Undeniably genital warts look hideous and their presence creates a lot of anxiety. No one wants to be responsible for spreading warts to another individual and hence most people have these warts removed.

Can you still get the wart virus from someone who did not have obvious warts on them?

Yes, you can!

The HPV wart causing virus can be present on the skin surface and not manifest in the clustered raised spongy fleshy tissue that we know warts to be. So, a person could very well be carrying the wart virus without knowing that they have it.

Whether the HPV manifest in actual physical warts depends on many factors like, the condition of the skin, the strength of the person’s immunity etc.

How can you get rid of warts?

There are methods that use creams and special toxin which are non invasive and there are also more invasive methods like cautery or lasers.

In our clinic we use

1. Podophyllotoxin

a. Podophyllotoxin is a drug that is purified from the plant families Coniferae and Berberidaceae (eg, species of Juniperus and Podophyllum)

b. They stop stop and hamper the division and growth of the warts

c. Must be applied only by your doctor- it is not given to you to take home for home application

d. Must be washed off after 4-6 hours of applications. Otherwise you run the risk of chemical ulcerations

e. Requires you to return to your doctor’s clinic once every week for more application until the warts falls off

2. Aldara cream – also known as imiquimod

a. These are creams that are also used to treat some precancerous skin lesion like actinic keratosis

b. Requires up to 3 times a week application of the cream directly onto the warts

c. Takes a longer time for the warts to fall off

d. But home application is possible – no need to return to the clinic for multiple visits

3. Cautery with electrosurgery

a. After the injection of a local anesthetic, the warts are desiccated with electrosurgery which uses special tips powered by electricity to damage the warts.

b. Scarring is possible but doctors are careful not to cauterise to deeply

c. Warts are physically removed on the same day of the procedure

4. Lasers

a. CO2 laser are the most effective lasers used to vapourise warts

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