A good health screening must take into consideration your:

  • Family history

  • Personal medical history including Age

  • Smoking history

  • Alcohol or other recreational drug consumption history

  • Sexual history

  • Menstrual history

Once your doctor has taken a solid story from you, only then will he/she be able to generate a health screening customised for you so that the results of the screening are more meaningful to you.

Going to a health screening and simple picking a basic or an executive package is not really the way a health screening should be conducted.

Let me explain – take for example, you are 50 years old, you have been smoking for the past 10 years and you are bisexual and receive anal sex.

By pure virtue of your age – you need a colonoscopy every 5 yrs once you hit age 50

Because you smoke – A lung nodule CT scan of your lung is recommended to look for early suspicious nodules in the lung to rule out cancers

Because you receive anal sex – you are at risk of anal cancer and your doctor might suggest an STD screening on top of your general health screen.

Remember health screening can be tailored – there is no one size fits all formula here.

Must I have a physical examination done during my health screening?

Ensure that your health screener conducts a through top to toe full physical examination meaning – examination of skin and nails, breast examination (both men and women), vaginal examination, rectal examination (finger up the bum – to examine the prostate) etc.

A health screening does not hold that much value if it’s done without the full physical examination. Amazing number of diagnoses can be made just by examining a patient’s hands. Patience and time is simply required by your doctor

Our health screening packages can all be tweaked and tailored to suit you.

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