Here Is What Happens When An IUD Is Inserted

This is a step wise explanation of what actually goes on inside you while an IUD like the Mirena is being inserted by your doctor.

To make this more relatable to you, I will also be explaining what you might feel at different points of the Mirena IUD insertion. 

Step 1: The vaginal canal and cervix is first cleaned before the IUD insertion.

What will you feel?

You will feel some gentle pressure from the opening of the vagina. You will feel cold from the cleaning liquid used to clean your skin and the vagina.

Step 2: A special device called the teneculum is used to gentle grip the bulb of your cervix. A gentle pull is then applied. This allows the Mirena IUD to be inserted more smoothly as the canal of your cervix is now straightened out. There will hence be less resistance to path of the Mirena IUD.

What will you feel?

You will feel some discomfort here as the device grip a small portion of your cervix. This discomfort dissipates and disappears very quickly. Remember the inner 2 thirds of your vaginal canal and cervix have very few nerves. Most of the nerves are concentration on the outer one third of your vagina. Hence it the area near the entrance of the vagina that is sensitive not portions deeper in.

Step 3: A device called a sounder is first inserted before the actual Mirena IUD is placed into the canal of your cervix. This is important to measure how deep your uterus actually is. This gives your doctor guide to the depth at which the Mirena IUD will be inserted. Average depth of a uterus is anywhere between 6-9 cm.

What will you feel?

You will feel a crampy sensation almost like a bad period cramp when the sounder reaches the top most portion of your uterus. The cramping sensation you experience give your doctor the feedback that she reached the highest portion of your uterus. The cramping disappears once the sounder is removed.

Step 4: Once the measuring is done, you are now ready for the insertion of the actual IUD. The Mirena IUD is then prepared ready for insertion. You doctor places the Mirena IUD into the cervical canal and then advances it toward the top of the uterus just shy of the full depth of the uterus measured. The Mirena IUD device will then be deployed. The IUD will then be advance right to the top of the uterus. Once the IUD is in its final position, your doctor will remove the Mirena IUD applicator.

What will you feel?

Again expect the similar cramping sensation as you will feel in Step 3. The cramping eases and can persist as a very mild cramp for the next 1-2 days. Some women feel no cramping at all after the procedure.

Step 5: The IUD strings will be cut approximately 2-3 cm from the cervix. The teneculum device is unclipped and removed. And the procedure is complete. The speculum that opens your vaginal canal is also removed

What will you feel?

You do not feel any discomfort with this process. You will surely feel relieved that the procedure is now over and your IUD is successfully inserted.

This insertion procedure only takes a few minutes.

Mirena IUD, is a great choice for hormonal contraception. It lasts you 5 years upon insertion. Please speak to your doctors if this Mirena IUD device is suitable for you or come have a chat with us about this at InSync Medical.

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