Our bodies are constantly changing as we age. For some women, the physical changes in their intimate areas that come with menopause can lead to a negative impact on their self-confidence and sexual satisfaction.

Fortunately, advancements in intimate care technology have made it possible for us to improve the appearance of our genital areas. In particular, labia and vulva skin tightening procedures have become increasingly popular among women who want to take control of their bodies and sexuality.

Who Is It For

General ageing and menopause cause a drop in estrogen, which reduces collagen production and results in loose, wrinkled and saggy labial skin. Repeated pulling and friction from frequent waxing can also cause the skin to lose its elasticity, hydration and firmness.

Labia tightening procedures are also an option for women whose excess labial laxity causes irritation during exercise, especially among avid cyclists who may experience discomfort from the prolonged impact on their genital areas. By cushioning their intimate areas, these women can enjoy their favourite sports and activities with increased comfort and ease.

The painless, non-invasive laser treatments can improve labial laxity and alleviate concerns about your intimate appearance and function by targeting:

  • Vulvar skin tightening

  • Labia majora tightening (for loose, wrinkled labias)

  • Mons pubis reduction

How Does It Work?

Prior to the procedure, we will inject a local anaesthetic to numb the labia majora – this ensures that the procedure is as painless and tolerable as possible.

This treatment involves a new technology known as FemiTight, a CO2 probe that uses a low fluence beam laser to gently heat the tissue, effectively restoring and reviving collagen growth.

The lasers works by applying heat to the skin up to a specific temperature and maintaining this temperature throughout the procedure to promote reorganisation and stacking of the existing collagen layers and formation of brand new collagen.

Throughout the entire procedure, the temperature of the laser is closely monitored using a thermal gun. The highest allowed temperature with the FemiTight is 42°C and it is not exceeded for more than 5 seconds at the same spot.

For an area like the labia majora the procedure can take about 20 – 30mins and there is no downtime required.

What Are The Expected Results?

Typically, you can expect significant results from a single session. The full results can be observed a few months after the session as it takes time for the collagen structures beneath the skin to rebuild and strengthen. Once this process begins, you’ll start to notice the appearance of your intimate area becoming smoother, more supple, and firmer.

The benefits should also last for at least two years, which is the life-span of high quality collagen. You may also opt for an annual maintenance treatment if you wish to enhance the results.

Labia majora before (A) and after (B) CO2 laser- based labia majora remodelling

If the appearance of your intimate area is impacting your self-confidence or sexual relationships, we can help you determine if this procedure is right for you. Talk to us now to find out more!

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