InSync Medical is a GP+ clinic that places special interest in sexual wellness and women’s health. We adopt a modern approach while being mindful of Asian sensibilities. Our aim is to provide a safe, private space for our clients to discuss sensitive healthcare issues. We are committed to healing and improving everyone’s life on both general healthcare issues and sexual wellness/health issues.

We understand that your sexual wellness and health is a very personal matter, which is why we have spared no detail to creating a safe, non-judgmental, and efficient experience for you. Every step of your journey with us is handled discretely and with care by our well-trained staff. When you experience our clinic, you will understand that your privacy is our utmost priority and our interactions during your consults with us are personal and never rushed.  

We wish for you to speak openly about your issues (be it a sensitive sexual health related issue, stressors you are experiencing or even a simple illness you are currently going through) without shame or guilt. 


Dr Jessherin Sidhu

Bsc(S’pore) MBBS(Aus)
Certificate Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology
Certificate Practical Andrology (Society of Men's Health Singapore)

Affectionately known to her patients as Dr Jess, Dr Jessherin Sidhu has always been a strong advocate of patient education. Emphasis of each patient consultation is centered on the core of appropriately educating her patients on their medical condition no matter how big or small.

She believes empowering patients with knowledge of their disease condition and treatment is key to allowing people to look after themselves better and to stay one step ahead of a medical problem.

Her career first started in Brisbane Australia where she graduated from the University of Queensland with her MBBS in 2008. She worked in Queensland for 4 years, in rural and urban hospitals gaining a vast variety of skills particularly in the areas of Internal Medicine, managing complication inpatient medical conditions and Women’s health and Osteoporosis.

Her return back to Singapore was catalysed by her desire to start her own family. Dr Jess now is a mother of 2 who mainly divides all her time between her kids, her husband and her work at the clinic.

Through the course of her career, she had a steep learning curve when dedicating her time at our major teaching hospital namely Singapore General Hospital as an internist with subject interest in Rheumatology and Endocrinology. This formed the solid knowledge core on which she built her own layers of interest and areas of specialisation.  

Along the way, she has developed a keen interest in Women’s and Sexual Health. She found that as a general practitioner she could offer quality services targeted towards Women’s Health and Sexual Health for both Men and women. She found that the services she offered could bridge the gap between regular GPs and Gynaecologist / Sexual Health Specialist.

Her practice offers management of Women’s Health issues that range from Vaginal infections, menstrual abnormalities, basic fertility screening, menopause and Aesthetic Gynaecology.

Aesthetic Gynaecology is a new niche growing field of medicine that addresses issues of:

  1. Vaginal laxity -offering vaginal tightening through use of non invasive techniques like laser

  2. Vaginal and vulvar rejuvenation – addressing concerns of vaginal dryness, genital discolouration/ dark patches and urinary incontinence that women suffer from. We can also treat of deflated and thin labia as result of menopause

  3. Sexual Dissatisfaction – G spot augmentation and clitoris lift through the use of fillers to allow women to have a better sex life

This reflects her desire for continued learning and her need to keep up with trends and advancement in medicine so that she can offer her patient what is most current and evidenced based.

Her Sexual Health services are not limited to women. She also treats Men for issues concerning poor sexual performance manifesting in the form of erectile dysfunction, low libidos, premature ejaculation caused by issues like large prostates, andropause (male version menopause), diabetes, Chronic pelvic pain syndrome etc.

Her years of experience working with STD Clinics in Singapore has given her a solid skill set in diagnosing and managing STDs (sexually transmitted disease) in both men and women. Such STDs are not limited to HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Herpes and Hepatitis.

Dr Jess remains fiercely passionate towards her work with a single principal in mind, you as her patient comes first. 

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