We’re excited to introduce our new video series, #InSyncCosyCouch, where Dr Jess will have an intimate chat with her patients about different issues relating to sexual health and wellness.

Earlier this month, we shared a TODAY article featuring our patient Steffy and her endometriosis journey that resonated with many of you. To kick off #InSyncCosyCouch, Dr Jess sits down with Steffy for a more in-depth conversation about her emotional journey to recovery.

Part 1

Part 2

If your period pains are seriously bothering you, don’t let anyone tell you they are normal. Persist to have this investigated, especially if it affects your quality of life. Don’t let your doctor brush it off as a regular pain that a
women is “supposed” to experience. Give yourself the reassurance that you need through proper medical checks.

For more about endometriosis, check this out.

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