How is It done?


Before the laser is applied the genital skin is numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream. Following that, the laser is applied over the entire area where genital lightening/ genital whitening is desired. The laser leaves pockets of healthy skin between the areas that have been ablated to allow for rapid healing of the skin. Antibiotic cream is then applied to the area and a good amount of emollient or moisturizing ointment is then applied to lock in the hydration. The procedure is done. It only takes a few minutes from the time the laser is applied.

What to expect after the laser session is done?

You will be asked to apply the antibiotic cream and the emollient daily for the first 5 days. The emollient is particularly important to stop you skin from drying out and the lock moisture as possible. It acts as a barrier to infections too.

We will supply you lightening cream to apply daily after the first 5 days are over. This enhances the genitals lightening from the laser.

About 1-2 weeks after the laser is applied expect the genital skin to lightly peel. It is this peeling that removes the superficial darkened skin.

How many sessions do I require?

Data suggests that at least 6 sessions of laser genital whitening or genital lightening is done.

How far apart is each session?

Each session is 3 weeks. This is the amount of time required for the top most layer of skin to regenerate itself. You don’t want to laser skin that has not fully regenerated. This would increase the risk of open red wounds.

The skin of our genital area that includes the region around the anus, the labia majora and the inner thighs are often and in most of us women pigmented darker than the rest of our skin.

This is a normal occurrence. Hormones concentrate in that are and friction between the thighs contribute to the increased pigmentation and darkening of the genital area.

You might not like the appearance, the sudden change of colour in this area compared to the rest of your skin might not be something you are comfortable with.

There are many reasons why some individuals choose to lighten this area. I will share with you some of my experiences encountered with my patients

1. Work and lifestyle reason

We’ve had a patient who is an avid beach goer and models swimsuit part time. In respect of her occupation and because she frequently wears swimsuits that exposed her inner thighs, having this area lightened conferred her more confidence during her photoshoots and she reported feeling less self-conscious.

2. Post pregnancy

As we all are aware during pregnancy skin pigmentation becomes more intense. For one of our patients in particular, even 12 months after her delivery she felt that the pigmentation over her genitals are had not lightened up to her satisfaction.

Whatever your reasons might be. If you are unsatisfied, and you wish for a strategy that could lighten the genital and inner thigh area for you by a couple of tones, then ensure that you source out the genital lightening or genital whitening technique that is safe and conducted by a doctor who understands the way skin heals and is able to manage any potential complications, although very rare, that may arise.

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