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We provide non-invasive procedures and techniques to cater to your concerns.

We keep an eye on the big picture of your health.

While we take care of many male sexual health and intimacy concerns – from prostate health to screening for penile skin infections and STDs, you can also count on us to always keep sight on your overall well-being throughout all stages of your life.

In sexually active years, most men are concerned about their testosterone levels. Besides impacting sexual function, testosterone is closely linked to muscle strength,  cholesterol and glucose control as well as heart health.

This is why when you see us for an erectile dysfunction problem, we may also look into your cardiovascular health – erectile dysfunction can actually predate a potential heart problem by two to three years.

As men approach andropause, testosterone levels are gradually reduced by around 1% every year. This may also increase the risk of osteoporosis, in addition to the other long-term effects highlighted above. There’s no reason to simply accept it as part of ageing – there are several testosterone replacement therapy options that have been shown to increase energy levels, muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive, as well as to reduce other symptoms in men who suffer from low testosterone for other reasons.

From extracorporeal shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and chronic pelvic pain to the latest lasers for removing warts, we make sure our treatment options are top-notch to help you maintain optimal health. We are also equipped to help you with aesthetic improvements for greater sexual confidence.

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Penile Skin Rashes

Erectile Dysfunction


Ejaculation Disorders

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Peyronie’s Disease

Darkened Genital / Vulvar Skin

STDs & Genital Warts

Dr Jessherin Sidhu

As a female doctor, I was pleasantly surprised at the influx of male patients we’ve welcomed at InSync Medical since its opening.

Initially, I did not expect my male patients to be so comfortable with sharing their intimate concerns with me, but slowly I’ve became encouraged that they are resonating with our modern but sensitive approach to sexual health and intimacy issues. In fact, some have shared that they find it easier to open up to a female doctor!

Regardless of your gender, sexuality or background, my goal is to provide the sexual health and intimacy care you need – without guilt, shame or judgment.

See what our patients have said about us

Brandon Chee

August 21, 2019 via Google

When I first saw Dr Jess for my issue, I was afraid and apprehensive. Moreover, I wasn't exactly keen in talking to a female doctor as I wasn't sure if she would judge me or be empathetic towards my case. I soon realised that I could not be more wrong. What made the difference was that she was extremely patient and took the time to listen to me, and would sort out every single one of my concerns. She conducts her clinical sessions with extreme professionalism and I always feel comfortable around her. The best part was that she was never judgemental, and never made me incur any unnecessary costs. There are many doctors out there, but most do not take the time to really hear their patients out. I would highly recommend her if you are on the fence about seeing a doctor for your condition, because Dr Jess is a medical practitioner who truly cares about her patients' well being!

Brian Morris

July 23, 2019 via Google

Dr. Jess is that excellent (and very rare) combination of big-hearted warmth and extreme clinical competency. She's interested and curious, has a deep desire to help, and always remembers what we discussed and done in the past. Also, her new space is comfortable and beautiful! I can't overrecommend this experience... check it out!

Neil Armstrong

September 5, 2019 via Google

I'd spent a while trying to find a general practitioner in Singapore with some very, very mixed results (although I will admit to being a difficult patient sometimes). Dr. Jess was recommended to me when I suffered an acute condition and I can't believe how lucky I am to have found her when I did. She has that fantastic ability to be both amazingly friendly and approachable whilst still being incredibly knowledgeable, professional and focused on getting the best outcome possible for your health needs at the same time. As someone who has a background history in medical research and teaching medical students, I'm constantly impressed with the way Dr. Jess has always used both trusted, conservative methods whilst also being up to date with new techniques and the latest knowledge, and will research for answers and present it in a manageable, down-to-earth and tailored way - or recommend excellent specialists when required. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and she would be my doctor of choice no matter where I lived in Singapore. Also worth mentioning is that her staff are always very polite, friendly, competent and go out of their way to be helpful. I don't write reviews very often, but five incredibly well deserved stars.

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