Non-Contraceptive Benefits Of Birth Control

Besides giving you a good form of contraception, did you know that your birth control can also confer you other non contraceptive benefits?

Many of us know about the side effects of birth control devices or pills. You know the dreaded weight gain (on a serious note… that really only happens in 2.5% of people), the nausea, the bloatedness, the increased risk of headaches and with pills that contain estrogen, the small increased risk of blood clots and breast cancers.

All that schpiel of side effects can deter some from taking birth control.

BUT… how is it that the other benefits of birth control are simply not as well discussed? Like they say bad press always gets more attention.

So here’s educating you on the perks you get to experience while you are on your birth control…

  • The Mirena IUD is an excellent treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Estrogen + Progestin contraceptives (pill, patch and ring) usually make periods shorter, lighter, and less painful. Common brands in Singapore are Yaz, Yasmin, Mercilon, Diane35, Microgynon etc.

    Within a few months, the Progestin injection (like Depo Provera) causes amenorrhea(no more periods) for most women …and No, in this situation it is not harmful to your body when you have no more periods on the injections

  • Birth control pills can lead to

    • improvement of acne

    • reduced premenstrual syndrome,

    • curbs excessive hair growth eg. bodily hair or facial hair

    • regulated menstrual cycles in polycystic ovary syndrome

    • reduces perimenopausal symptoms – where some women experience erratic heavy periods as the approach menopause

  • Hormonal contraceptives lower the risk of

    • endometrial cancer,

    • ovarian cancer,

    • colorectal cancer, and

    • osteoporosis.

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