Enhanced Health Screening Simple Health Screening
Full Blood count Full Blood Count
Cholesterol Test Cholesterol Test
Diabetes test – HBA1c + fasting glucose Diabetes Test
Kidney test (includes Uric acid) Kidney Test (simplified)
Liver test Liver Test (simplified)
Thyroid Test Thyroid Test
Vitamin & Mineral Test – Vit D, Vit B12, Folate and Full Iron studies Full Iron Studies
Urine Test – urine screen for blood and infection and protein
Hepatitis Virus Screen – Hep A & B & C
STD Screen – only HIV and Syphillis
Full Cancer Markers

Add-on Screening Test Options:

Test Recommended for Cost (in SGD)
Pap Smear All women above age 25 (done at least once every 3 years)
HPV Test For women (done at least once every 5 years)
Pap smear + HPV
US abdomen – for aortic aneurysm screen
Stool test – FIT kit (for blood in stools) For all above age 50
CT scan lung – low dose For Heavy smokers (and ex-smokers who quit within the last 15 years)

Why we test for iron levels

In our Enhanced Health Screening Package, we make it a point to look at Iron Levels and the reason for this is many women have iron deficiency that they do not realise. Many patients will inform us, that from previous blood test, they
have been shown to have a normal blood count. But do you know you can have iron deficiency even with a normal blood count.
When your blood count starts to fall, that’s often the result of end stage iron deficiency.

What cancer markers are tested?

  • For Men and Women

    • AFP (liver cancers)

    • CEA (colon cancer)

    • CA19.9 (pancreatic)

    • Beta HCG (Testicular Cancer/ Teratoma (mediastinum / chest wall cancers))

  • For Men only

    • PSA (Prostate Cancers)

  • For Women Only

    • CA15.3 (Breast cancers)

    • CA19.9 (Pancreatic Cancers)

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