Penile Skin Rashes

The most common cause for itch and rash over the penis is fungal infection of the penile skin. Other possible causes include STDs like trichosomonas, which is a parasite. Redness or itchiness that do not heal must be assessed more seriously to rule out skin cancers of the penis.

Types Of Penile Skin Rashes

The swelling and irritation of the glans (head) of the penis is known as balanitis. In men who are not circumcised, this area is covered by a flap of skin, which we call the foreskin.

Fungal Balanitis

The most common cause of penile skin rashes is a yeast infection, known as fungal balanitis. During sexual intercourse, you may be exposed to fungus that can then trigger an infection of the penis.

Symptoms include:

• itching and redness on the penis
• thick white substance collecting in skin folds
• shiny, white skin
• painful penis and foreskin
• burning sensation while urinating
• discomfort during sex
• disagreeable smell

Inflammation Balanitis

If your condition is persistent, recurrent and causes semi-permanent changes to your penis, there is a chance the rash is more than a simple infection. It could be an inflammatory skin condition such as Lichen Sclerosus.

Symptoms include:

• painful, tight foreskin
• skin discolouration
• small tears

Fungal Balanitis Can Be Easily Treated

Here are some of the treatment options:


Topical antifungal creams applied a couple of times a day.

Oral Anti-Fungal Tablets

Taken daily or once a week if creams alone are not working.

Drying Agents

Potassium permanganate solution can be used with your doctor’s advice to reduce excessive moisture over the penis head and foreskin that encourages fungal growth.

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Are there factors that may put me at greater risk of developing fungal balanitis?

Yes. You are at greater risk if you:

• are uncircumcised
• have poor hygiene
• are taking antibiotics for a long time
• have diabetes
• are overweight

Is fungal balanitis an early sign of diabetes?

Yes, balanitis can often be one of the first ways diabetes presents itself. Ask your doctor for a diabetes check, especially if your fungal infections are recurrent and if you have existing risk factors like a strong family history of diabetes.

Are there other penile skin rashes that can look like fungal balanitis?

Yes! If your condition is persistent, recurrent and the symptoms are never resolved completely, you could have an inflammatory skin condition known as Lichen Sclerosus.

Can an inflammation balanitis become more complicated?

Yes, it can cause chronic skin changes that do not allow the foreskin to function normally. The foreskin becomes no longer smooth and retractable, and it may also harden, thicken, become discoloured and have cuts.

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