Had a high risk sexual encounter?

Now worried about getting HIV?

Can something be done to stop me from getting HIV?

These questions will bullet through your head when you have found yourself in a position where there was unprotected high risk sexual intercourse with another person whose HIV status is unknown to you.


PEP – Post-Exposure Prophylaxis is your answer to this.

Things you need to know about PEP:

1. Taken only after a high risk sexual exposure has happened

2. Must be taken within 72 hours of exposure

3. Involves taking daily pills twice a day for at least 28 days

4. Must have HIV testing done before it can be prescribed to you

5. Several nuisance side effects – nausea, diarrhoea, rash, numbness

6. More sinister side effects – kidney and liver toxicity

7. Must retest for you HIV status after completion of the 28 day treatment

8. It is costly – but if taking it stops you from getting HIV then it’s a cost worth bearing.

9. Your doctor will assess how risky your sexual exposure was and will determine if you are eligible for the medication

a. Please be logical and try not to let anxiety take over you. Sexual exposures like deep throat kissing without any exchange of blood carry no risk of HIV. Oral sex again without any exchange of blood also carries next to no risk of HIV

b. You need to weigh out the risk of taking these medication for 28 days vs the benefit you will get from it. If your risk of HIV is very low in the first place the benefit you get from taking PEP is next to nothing

c. So logically rationalise this together with your doctor.

What drugs make up PEP?


  • Comprises of 2 tyres of antiviral medications:

    • Emtricitabine

    • Tenofovir Deconate


  • Comprises of a single antiviral medication

    • Raltegravir

Why is it so expensive in Singapore?

Intellectual property policy and patent policy involving pharmaceutical company developing drugs like HIV medications have resulted in high prices of original drugs.

And Singapore in particular together with its largest trading partner, the US, created this tight partnership, where (putting it in lay terms) Singapore promises to keep a fool proof caged protection of intellectual property of these drug companies and in return, making Singapore an attractive venue where multi billion dollar drug companies can develop new drugs.

The result…expensive original drugs like PEP, reducing accessibility and affordability of these drugs.

At our Clinic, we feel any individual who needs this medication should not be unduly punished financially because of its price. However as a clinic we too have to cover the cost of purchasing these medications. Taking these factors in consideration, we decided bringing accessibility and affordability of these Emergency HIV medication PEP to you, is imperative to us.

Medication – Truvada (1 month supply) $900
Medication – Isentress (1 month supply) $740
HIV Test (same day results) $88
Blood Test – blood count, kidney & liver test $80
Consult $60

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