PrEP: The New Sex Revolution

It is always in our best interest to “stay ahead of the game”. HIV concerns your long term health, so take charge of it. Don’t be complacent! Enjoy your sexuality at minimum risk.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis allows you to take a HIV prevention antiviral medication just before your sexual activity, whether you are giving or receiving anal sex or even vaginal sex.

Most of the studies for PrEP stem from homosexual men who engage in anal intercourse.

What medication is PrEP?

PrEP comprises taking the HIV Antiviral medication called Truvada.

There a few approved ways to take this to confer good protection against HIV transmission – On-Demand or Daily

On-demand PrEP

Just like On-demand TV Netflix has allowed us to indulge in a pleasurable video binge at our convenience in the comfort and safety of our homes, On-demand PrEP, allows you to take Truvada latest 2 hours before your sexual intercourse for a significant reduction in HIV transmission.

Here’s the details on how exactly to take on-demand PrEP:

  1. 2-24 hrs before intended intercourse, Take 2 tablets Truvada

  2. Continue 1 tablet daily until intended period of sex is over

  3. Take 1 tablets daily for 2 more days after intercourse stopped


Women and men who engage in heterosexual sex can also take PrEP even if you do not engage in anal sex. Ask us about the studies and research backing this if you are interested and we will advise you accordingly.

We’re here to answer even the most sensitive and intimate questions. Take the first step, and we’ll take care of the rest.