Sexual Wellness


Vaginismus &
Painful Sex


An excessively tightened vaginal entrance can interfere with your ability to have successful penetration of the vagina. This makes having vaginal sex impossible or very painful. Vaginismus can even happen in those whose have previously had successful painless vaginal intercourse and this can be triggered by events like childbirth or menopause or major pelvic surgeries. Remember, Vaginismus can be treated and fully resolved. It involves the mix of relaxation therapy, use of dilators and also botox (yes, the same botox that is injected in the face for aesthetic purposes).



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Dryness is experienced by many women particularly at the entrance of the vagina. It’s not a condition exclusive to only menopausal women. Younger women can also experience this. Dryness can be improved through the use of vaginal lasers applied to the entrance and special injections to restore moisture and collagen.




Sex After


Many men, more than women, are concerned about the tightness of their partner’s vagina after pregnancy and childbirth. Fact is the vaginal tightness never returns to its original state after a vaginal delivery. It suffers from vaginal laxity. It’s like a stretched rubber band that never regains its original form. If you have caught yourself trying to actively squeeze your vaginal muscles during intercourse then you are aware that you have some vagina laxity. Vaginal rejuvenation through the use of vaginal lasers can significantly restore this tightness after at least 3 sessions. Your sexual satisfaction contributes to your overall health don’t neglect it.



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“Oh, I just wish it would be over” or “come on! come already” or..lying there expressionless waiting for sex to be over. If we are having sex then we should thoroughly enjoy it and not see it as a chore or an act from which we derive no pleasure. Vaginal orgasms from the elusive G-spot has been much debated. Some women achieve glorious vaginal orgasms. Most other women achieve clitoral orgasms from stimulation of the clitoris. Both the clitoris and the G-spot can be augmented to make them more prominent for easier stimulation and better orgasms.




Genital Skin Whitening

Like our elbows, the back of our necks and our knees our genital areas and inner thighs are often darker in colour compared to the rest of our skin. Many men and women would like to achieve a more homogenous colour in these areas and do not find the abrupt darkening in their genital areas pleasant. Use of lasers and chemical peels safely in these areas can produce a peel that strips away the darkened top coat of the skin. After a few sessions this leaves you with skin a few shades lighter.



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The inability to achieve consistent strong vigour of erection to maintain the hardness of the penis right through a sexual encounter can greatly upset many men. This ruins the pleasure one derives from sexual intercourse. The penis is a spongy tissue that gets engorged with blood when one’s aroused causing an erection. Erectile dysfunction (ED) has multiple underlying causes. Problems with blood flow in and out of the penis, issues that affect the nerves that innervate the penis, increasing size of the prostate gland, testosterone decline, certain medications like anti-depressants and issues of the mind - stress, anxiety, all of these alone or in combination can contribute to ED.