When it comes to skin lightening, finding the right treatment to suit darker skin can be tricky. As part of our research at Insync Medical, Dr Jess has undertaken thorough testing and exploration into the different types of products available, trying them out on herself to get a true idea of what works and what doesn’t for darker skin.

Here we answer the most common questions we get in the clinic when it comes to lightening treatments…


What if I have darker skin? Will chemical peels work for me?

Many adverts for skin lightening treatment show fair-skinned women with light coloured eyes and light hair getting great results with a chemical peel to the genital area and the inner thighs. But what about Asian skin or darker-skinned women with black-brown eyes and dark hair? It’s somewhat contradicting to the procedure itself – why do these products advertise results on fairer skin, when they’re intended to be used on darker-skinned people?

Darker-skinned individuals run a higher risk of getting hyperpigmentation, that is why the skin that will be lightened must be prepped in advance to receiving the chemical peel. Fair-skinned individuals don’t seem to face this problem with hyperpigmentation after a chemical peel.

To combat this, we prep the skin with a lightening cream that is used daily for approximately 4-8 weeks. This is to ensure you have the best possible outcome with the chemical peels and the risk of getting darker is greatly reduced.

What chemical do you use?

After just over a year of testing and many self-trials, Dr Jess discovered a product that works beautifully for Asian skin. Sourced from Spain, the product’s active ingredient is TCA- trichloroacetic acid. We now use this as one of the main lightening treatments at Insync Medical and it has been tested using very specific concentrations of the product.

How is the chemical peel procedure done?

  • Before the procedure, we encourage you to shave the hairs from your genital, groin fold and inner thigh area.
  • Once you’re in the clinic, we will apply 2 coats of the chemical peel to the skin where the undesired darkened areas are.
  • The chemical should not sting or hurt you at any time during the application.
  • Your skin will then start to go a little whitish, like icing or frosting on a cake. Once we see a sufficient amount of this frosting, then we will apply a lightening cream to the entire treated area.
  • You get dressed and you’re ready to go.

How long does a chemical peel take?

This procedure will last only 30 minutes.

How many sessions might I require?

If you’re very fair-skinned, then you may only require one session. If there are stubborn,  deeper pigments, then a couple more sessions may be required (approx. 2-4 sessions).

Each session will be carried out around 3 weeks apart.

Why 3 weeks between sessions?

 It will take 3 weeks for the topmost layer of skin to form again.


If you would like any more information on chemical peels or have any additional questions that we haven’t covered, please get in touch.


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