You might not have heard but you surely would have seen many women bottom half clad if tight yoga pants or dri fit stretch pants. It seems to be in vogue these days you are exercising or not. The sporty, yoga wellness look is quintessentially fashionable these days.


Even I enjoy my look when wearing these tight-fitting sports and yoga gear.

But our delicate vaginas and vulva are facing the brunt of our fashion folly.

Our vulva and vaginal area produce sweat when we exercise and this build up can leads to vaginal discomfort. Some of the symptoms can include – vaginal itching, vaginal redness or or an unpleasant vaginal odour.

“Sports vagina” can increase your risk of infection like vaginal or vulva fungus/ yeast and even a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis(BV). Both Fungus and BV like to thrive in moist environments.

From some women its not inflammation or infection that they suffer from as result of “sports vagina” but what they get is pain over the vestibule which is the area where the vulva joins the vagina.

This area is particularly sensitive. Exercise that puts pressure on the vulva or the vagina can cause increasing pains in this area if you have a predisposal to getting vestibulodynia.

You can reduce the risk of getting these pains by applying petroleum jelly like Vaseline to these areas before your exercise. Sometime application of topical pain killers like lignocaine or soothing solutions like witch hazel can reduce the pain in this sensitive zone.

So here’s some tip to keep away sports vagina:

1. Clean up straight after :After your work out don’t hang around in your sweaty underwear and sweaty pants. Bring an extra set of clean underwear or bottoms with you. If you don’t have time or the ability to take a shower immediately, just at least change out of your sweaty underwear.

2. Wear proper workout clothes:As much as they a fashionable, yoga pants aren’t breathable and they cause friction. Try to wear looser sports wear.

3. Apply protective film: Many of us are fond of applying talcum powder to keep our genital area dry. Well that is not recommended. Instead, you can apply a thin layer of emollient like Vaseline before exercise.

4. Be attentive to your symptoms : if your irritation or itch is persistent please visit a doctor sooner as you may have developed an infection.

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