Vaginismus &
Painful Sex

Vaginismus is a condition where the involuntary spasm of a group of muscles that surrounds the vagina causes discomfort, pain, penetration problems, or a complete inability to have intercourse.

What Causes Vaginismus?

Vaginismus affects about 10% of women worldwide. Fear, anxiety, previous traumatic experiences, childbirth, major pelvic surgeries such as caesarian section and open lower abdominal surgeries are all factors that can contribute to vaginismus.

Types of Vaginismus

Mild to Severe Vaginismus

Vaginismus comes in many forms – some are mild, while others are more severe (where even the attempted insertion of a cotton bud can cause tremendous pain).

We want you to know that vaginismus is 100% curable

Due to shame and embarrassment, many women who suffer from vaginismus do not discuss their condition and seek help for it, or worse, they are given an incorrect diagnosis and are not properly treated.

Vaginismus can be treated and FULLY resolved. You too can and should enjoy a healthy, sexual relationship without fear. Take your first step to reclaiming your sexual wellness with us today.

Vaginal Dilators

A set of tube-shaped dilators can be inserted into the vagina to help women with vaginismus become comfortable with penetration. Start from the smallest and gradually work your way up to the larger ones. We encourage partners to be involved in this process.

Botox is used to paralyse the muscles that are spasmed at the entrance of the vagina. With botox, the muscles enter a relaxed state, creating reduced resistance to penetration. This muscle will not be able to spasm again for the duration of the botox’s effects and penetration now becomes painless.

Sex Therapy

Counselling can help women to better understand their body and sexual response cycle, as well as work through their anxiety and cope with past trauma to overcome vaginismus. We also teach our patients breathing and distraction techniques to reduce the discomfort of penetration.

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Not Sure If You Have Vaginismus?

Pain during sexual intercourse can be very distressing to a women. Learn more about other conditions that may be causing the discomfort.


Does vaginismus only occur in women who have never had sex?

No. Vaginismus can also be experienced by women who previously never had a problem with sexual intercourse. This is what we call Secondary Vaginismus.

Will vaginismus go away on its own?

Vaginismus is an involuntary, self-perpetuating condition that is not normally resolved on its own.

When a women with vaginismus attempts to have intercourse, the pain experienced heightens her fear of penetration and this then lowers the success rates of curing vaginismus.

However, vaginismus is 100% curable and I work with my patients to achieve this by breaking the vicious pain cycle associated with vaginimus.

How long does it take to treat vaginismus?

Every patient’s journey to recovery is unique, with its own set of challenges and triumphs. Typically, patients who are motivated and do not have significant complications can resolve their sexual pain or penetration problems in a month.

Is it necessary to involve my partner during treatment?

We encourage partners to be involved during the treatment process. They will be taught how to use the dilator and where exactly to insert them, so you can focus on your relaxation, breathing and your composure during this process.

We also believe that having a present partner can help to provide the open communication and emotional support you may need to start enjoying sex again.

Should I do kegels to manage vaginismus?

No! It particularly frustrates me when health professionals prescribe kegels for patients with vaginismus without a thorough assessment of the physical state of their pelvic floor. Here’s why kegels should never be done on a tight pelvic floor muscle.

Dr Jessherin Sidhu

Affectionately known to her patients as Dr Jess, Dr Jessherin Sidhu adopts a holistic approach to patient care. She is a firm believer that relationships, sexuality and sexual behaviour are factors that have a significant impact on overall health.

With her sex-positive and health-focused approach, Dr Jess encourages safe and open discussions of sexual health issues that extend beyond just treating diseases.

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Marg Lim

October 18, 2020 via Google

Last week (13th Feb 2020) was my first visit to this clinic. I was very impressed and satisfied with InSync Medical Women's Clinic. Dr. Jess was very attentive and detailed in examining my situation. Her explanation was very clear and understandable. With her patience, I was able to ask lots of questions and understand my situation much better than before. (Thank you, Dr. Jess) Price wise, it is reasonable and I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic. Again, thank you!


July 1, 2020 via Google

I am soooooo glad I went here to have my concernssorted. I have no words how comfortable I am after she had me checked up. Her hands are very light aswell. It's like having a class about our body parts. She explained my result that I had back in Bangkok than the doctor I had there. How I wish there is someone like her that will make sure all our questions and concerns are answered. She's the best of best. Highly recommend her. Price is reasonable too. Just thank you Dr.Jess and her assistant Aisyah. Have a wonderful day always.


September 18, 2020 via Google

Dr Jess is an amazing doctor with a beautiful heart. What I really love about her is that is super realistic. She does not promise rapid/fake results. She is very humble and I really like it that spent her time to talk and explain to me about my condition in detail. I have been to so many other doctors for the same. They will just talk briefly and try to push me to start the treament on the spot / nurses will start discussing on pricing.Wasted my time and money in the wrong clinic before. However, Dr Jess is just different.She is not greedy. Very helpful and high level of professionlism and empathy.And her staff Hani is super sweet too. Customer service top notch. Sometime I send message so late when i need something urgently. Hani will still reply to me patiently. I am so lucky I finally found the best doctor and her assitant for my lady needs 🙂 . I only have one regret-I didnt find them earlier.

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