What is Stealthing?

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A German police officer has been found guilty of sexual assault for removing a condom during sexual intercourse without the consent of his partner,an act known as “stealthing”, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind to be prosecuted in Germany.

He received an eight-month suspended jail sentence from the court and was fined €3,000 ($3,400) in damages, along with a €96 fine to pay for a sexual health test for the female victim.

Stealthing – non-consensual condom removal.

A woman consents to sex but she has “explicitly requested” the man, she is having intercourse with, wears a condom. She has not given consent to sexual intercourse without protection. If the man intentionally removes the condom without her knowledge – this is non-consensual and is called “stealthing”

In some cases around the world, this can amount to sexual assault. The woman in this situation did not consent to accept the risk of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) nor has she accepted the risk of pregnancy with the unprotected intercourse. She was a willing partner to engage in sex provided the condition that the condom is kept on is preserved right through the penetrative sexual engagement. Not otherwise!

“Stealthing” is not a casual joke and should not be taken lightly. Women must be aware that if it happens it’s a violation of their rights.

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