Why Are Genitals Darker Than Other Body Parts?

Could it just be the way God created it? Regardless of one’s skin colour or ethnicity, it has been observed that the human genitals, the male penis, female vulva, nipples and the areola, are darker in colour than other parts of the skin.

This can be explained by:

1. Hormones

2. Friction

Why do hormones cause darkening of our genitals?

If you look at the nipples of a woman who has been pregnant and given birth, you would notice that they are much darker than in a woman who has never been pregnant.

This is because during pregnancy melanin (colour pigment) accumulates in tissues like the nipple in response to an increased levels of estrogen on the body. This colour NEVER returns back to its original after pregnancy and

At puberty, sex hormones tend to increase in the body. That causes an increase in melanin making the penis, nipples, areolas and labia to darken respectively being the sex organs.

Why does friction cause darkening of the genitals?

When the skin experiences friction, it naturally thickens to protect itself. This is called keratinization. Keratinization is part of the physical barrier formation, in which the keratinocytes (keratin containing cells) produce more and
more keratin and they go through process of maturation as they move higher up into the top most layer of the skin. Once fully matured, this layer will shed and peel and will be replaced by layers beneath it.

Keratinocytes not only contain keratin which produces the hardening effect, but they also contain melanin.

How in the world did the melanin from melanocytes get into a keratinocyte?

Well melanocytes make these little pockets of melanin containing balls, called melanosome which are then transferred into the keratinocytes.

You might ask.. whatever for does that happen?

The melanosome then park themselves on top of the vital DNA containing nucleus in the keratinocytes. Its sole purpose is protect the DNA from disastrous mutations caused by harmful UV rays.

So in areas where the skin has thickened because of friction, like between the inner thighs, the labia, these are the regions where the skin can look unacceptably darker to you.

With the hairless trend now, many women are regularly shaving or going for Brazilian wax. These hair removal techniques can cause abrasion and ingrown hairs and folliculitis (hair follicle infection) that cause more skin inflammation
and increases the production of keratinocytes and hence melanin. You might think these darkened areas reflect poor hygiene or lack of cleaning or scrubbing. Many do not wish to be perceived that why by their sex partners or simply do
not like this distinct discolouration of their genitals areas.

Can I get rid on these darkened areas?

Yes!! With Chemical Peels and Laser genital skin whitening .

Chemical peels serve to literally cause a peel to the top most layer of the skin – peeling away the epidermis with the use of chemical like salicylic acid, lactic acid etc. Chemical peels should only be done by a doctor not a therapist. If not done properly it cause cause burns.

The other option is with Lasers like the Fenilift Litescan lasers that are used to create a peel similar to whiten your genital skin.

Bear in mind that there are other medical conditions that cause darkening of the skin in these area too.

  • In diabetes and obesity – you can get a velvety dark patch forming around the groin area, the armpits or the neck. This is called Acanthosis Nigricans.

If you are keen on genital skin whitening and you would like to whiten the skin of your intimate areas like your labia your your thighs pls speak to our doctors at Insync Medical.

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