Why Does My Vagina Feel “Wet” All The Time?

The lubrication produced by the vagina is different in quantity and quality in every woman. However in saying that, if you feel that the amount of discharge produced is negatively impacting you, then you should have this addressed to understand better what is causing it and what can be done about it.

Quantity of vaginal discharge can increase in various circumstances.

Infections can change the quantity and quality of the discharge, making it smell foul, or appear more curd like or sticky and can often be associated with symptoms or soreness or itchiness or lower abdominal pain.

Here I want to address causes of increased amount of discharge or lubrication that is not related to infection.

In any case when the wetness you produce increases dramatically and is persistent, the first thing to do is to exclude all possible vaginal infections, whether they are sexually transmitted or not.


Excessive “wetness” can result in

  1. Unease during sexual intimacy
    a. Sometimes necessitating the use of extra towels to mop up the excess lubrication

  2. Loss of grip on the penis or a sex toy during penetration
    a. A woman might feel reduced arousal or sensitivity during penetration
    b. A man might feel next to no grip or tightness around his penis during penetration affecting sexual arousal & performance

So what are the other potential causes after infection has been ruled out:

  1. Pelvic Congestion – This is a condition where you get swollen engorged blood vessel in your area. Much similar to varicose veins in the legs.

  2. Pelvic floor weakness

  3. Hormones

  4. Uterus fibroids and growths – these can secrete fluids

  5. Fistulas – sometimes there can be an abnormal connecting pathway between the bladder and the vagina, causing urine to leak through the vagina giving a sensation of constant increased wetness

If you find your vaginal lubrication excessive and it bothers you, please ask your doctors about this and get properly examined.

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