Holistic Women’s Sexual Health Services

We combine state-of-the-art technology with a modern yet sensitive approach to care for your needs.

We provide full circle care that prioritises both your physical and emotional well-being.

When it comes to intimate issues, your emotional well-being is an important part of the full picture and addressing this is a vital part of what we do.

We’ve designed a safe and inviting space coupled with staggered appointments and ample time for us to understand and care for you as whole person and for you to share your concerns without fear of shame or judgment.

Whether you are dealing with a condition that may impact your relationship or if you simply prefer to have your partner present during the consultation, we welcome and encourage couple-centric sessions and will work with you to have an open dialogue to give you the support you need to feel your best again – both physically and emotionally.

Our Services

Vaginal Infections

Bacterial Vaginosis
Vaginal Fungus

Vaginismus &
Painful Sex

Contraception & IUDs

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Urinary Incontinence

Menstrual Abnormalities

Heavy Bleeding
Irregular Menstruation

Darkened Genital / Vulvar Skin

STDs & Genital Warts

We provide full circle care that prioritises both your physical and emotional well-being.

We’re exceptionally experienced in women’s health and can provide both general and specialised services, from routine screenings (such as pap smear and HPV) and tests for vaginal infections and STDs, to contraceptive consultations and prescriptions (including IUD insertions) and more.

We always start with a deep dive when it comes to complex diagnoses like period pain or vaginismus, which are often normalised by those suffering from them and trivialised by other doctors – and we are here to change that with our holistic approach.

Naturally occuring changes in the body after childbirth may cause some women to feel less sexually desirable as they deal with urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. Besides treating them with painless, non-surgical options, we also encourage partners to be present to provide the open communication and emotional support you may need to start enjoying sex again.

As women approach menopause, their estrogen levels decrease, which may result in vaginal dryness and lower libido. We use state-of-the-art procedures for rejuvenation and to manage dryness, so you don’t have to sacrifice sexual desire and pleasure due to ageing.

Besides restoring sexual health function, our clinic can also help you to maintain or increase arousal and desire through aesthetic improvements such as genital lightening and vaginal tightening.

Dr Jessherin Sidhu

My personal experience with vaginismus – a treatable condition where penetrative intercourse is painful right at the entrance and sometimes impossible – also made me question the options for women with sexual health concerns like mine to seek treatment.

We need doctors who are familiar with women’s health to properly and thoroughly examine us, as well as the expertise of a psychologist or sexologist to be the listening ear and regulate the emotions of fear, embarrassment, guilt, inadequacy, and anger often associated with sexual health matters.

This field of medicine, known as sexual medicine, is not taught to doctors in mainstream medical school. It is a neglected field in Singapore and in our region, which is what drove my passion to establish a clinic that can wholesomely address women’s sexual health issues from contraception, to sexual pain to orgasm to aesthetics of the genital and more.

See what our patients have said about us

Marg Lim

October 18, 2020 via Google

Last week (13th Feb 2020) was my first visit to this clinic. I was very impressed and satisfied with InSync Medical Women's Clinic. Dr. Jess was very attentive and detailed in examining my situation. Her explanation was very clear and understandable. With her patience, I was able to ask lots of questions and understand my situation much better than before. (Thank you, Dr. Jess) Price wise, it is reasonable and I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic. Again, thank you!


July 1, 2020 via Google

I am soooooo glad I went here to have my concernssorted. I have no words how comfortable I am after she had me checked up. Her hands are very light aswell. It's like having a class about our body parts. She explained my result that I had back in Bangkok than the doctor I had there. How I wish there is someone like her that will make sure all our questions and concerns are answered. She's the best of best. Highly recommend her. Price is reasonable too. Just thank you Dr.Jess and her assistant Aisyah. Have a wonderful day always.


September 18, 2020 via Google

Dr Jess is an amazing doctor with a beautiful heart. What I really love about her is that is super realistic. She does not promise rapid/fake results. She is very humble and I really like it that spent her time to talk and explain to me about my condition in detail. I have been to so many other doctors for the same. They will just talk briefly and try to push me to start the treament on the spot / nurses will start discussing on pricing.Wasted my time and money in the wrong clinic before. However, Dr Jess is just different.She is not greedy. Very helpful and high level of professionlism and empathy.And her staff Hani is super sweet too. Customer service top notch. Sometime I send message so late when i need something urgently. Hani will still reply to me patiently. I am so lucky I finally found the best doctor and her assitant for my lady needs 🙂 . I only have one regret-I didnt find them earlier.

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